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What We Do

Herbal Society consists of two passionate and hard-working cannabis enthusiasts, with years of experience in the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis industries. We craft potent - and medicinal - cannabinoid blends. Our creations are affordable to the average consumer, and we love innovating new products for the advancement of science!

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How We Craft Therapeutics

In mother nature, compounds other than CBD and THC play a role in producing targeted effects. Terpenes are one of many compounds which, when married with cannabinoids, are able to synergize and produce sativa or indica traits.

We at Herbal Society work hard to reintroduce terpenes derived from cannabis, hemp, and botanical sources - we also add minor cannabinoids, as well as more obscure compounds from full-spectrum sources! Our eagle eye for these details ensures our products generate the most potent, medicinal, and long-lasting products that target specific ailments.

What we craft is unique. You won't find anything else like it.

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Meet the Squad!

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Eduardo J. Granados

Founder & CEO

Gabriele M. Calderon

Co-Founder & Lab Manager

Blue Z.

Customer Service Agent

Marisol V.

Customer Service Agent
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What people say about us

Victoria M.

Software Programmer & Church Organizer
Regular Marijuana gives me anxiety, so what a blessing it was to discover Herbal Society and their Delta 8. Not only is everyone super nice, but the products really work for me. I suffer from endometriosis, and the symptoms from the disease, and the side effects from all the big pharma crap is overwhelming to me. Cannabis has always helped, but sometimes in the black market, I wouldn't be able to acquire the strains that really healed me. Medical Marijuana is great, but can sometimes be too expensive. This is where Delta 8 shines! Not only does it help with pain and all the other nasties, but it does it without triggering anxiety. And it's affordable!

Mary L.

Student & Future Special ED Teacher
Living with PTSD is tough, lots of unpleasant things come from it... like nightmares, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Delta 9 THC has always been hit or miss with me. Sometimes it'd make me paranoid, other times I was fine. CBD stuff helps during the day - but I needed something to help me sleep, and stay asleep without making me paranoid. That's when I found Delta 8 through Herbal Society. Not only are the prices cheap compared to dispensaries, delta 8 actually gets you medicated without all the negatives! It's done wonders for me, and I appreciate the whole staff for being so nice and kind to me. Despite their being many D8 companies, I'm loyal to Herbal Society for a reason : )
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