About Us

Herbal Society LLC is a cannabinoid-based company, born in Miami and proudly serving the whole of the USA. We sell lab-tested cannabinoid products, formulated with terpenes and other hemp-based compounds that make our therapeutics stand out! Unlike other companies, we take terpenes very seriously. The terps we choose as formulas come in sativa, indica, or hybrid blends – perfected for specific times of the day and targeted ailments. We work with delta 8 THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, HHC and a treasure trove of other botanical and hemp ingredients.

Mission Statement and Vision

We believe everyone has the right to heal themselves using cannabis/hemp. Currently, dispensaries can be too expensive for some, so that's where we fill the gap! Our goal is to provide affordable, lab-tested, potent products to whoever needs them. We're always striving to reduce prices, run flash sales, and basically do everything in our power to supply these healing cannabinoids at an inclusive price. Another goal of ours is to advance the science of cannabinoid research by formulating unique products, based on rare and obscure cannabinoids. We do this for people, and the science!