What is THCO Acetate?

THCO Acetate – The Obscure Cannabinoid     THCO Acetate is short for Delta 8 THC O Acetate, an acetylated version of Delta 8. THCO Acetate is naturally derived from hemp plants and then distilled into distillate form. From there, it can be used to craft various products like vapes, edibles, dabs, and topicals.  … Continue reading What is THCO Acetate?

The Failed War on Drugs

The Drug War has failed the world. In 1971, American President Richard Nixon declared drugs to be America’s number 1 public enemy. This disastrous decision has had an oppressive effect mostly on people of color: more specifically, Black Americans.   In a rare interview with Harper’s Magazine, Nixon’s Chief Domestic Policy advisor confessed:   “You… Continue reading The Failed War on Drugs

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