Herbal Society LLC : Refund Policy👇

Hemp Flower by Herbal Society LLC

We do refunds but not returns.

Refund Policy is activated the moment you receive your delivery in the mail — and lasts for 7 days.

After the 7 days you receive your delivery are over, no refunds are accepted.

We can only do a partial refund for International Customers.

This is due to the high cost of shipping to countries outside of the U.S. – for our International Customers we can only provide them with a %25 Refund – and the same 7-day period for refunds that you see above (How do I qualify for a refund?) — applies to the situation.

We cover that in our Refund Policy, don’t worry!

If your vape cart (or any other product arrives broken or damaged) – within the 7 days of receiving your delivery in the mail, just contact us at: [email protected] or call us at: 786-638-9592

Explain to us your situation, and if you’re within the 7-day coverage period — you’ll get your money back, or a replacement! It’s your choice 😉

No, we do not process refunds for clogging — due to this being a common issue with Delta 8 Vape Cartridges in the Industry.

Read here to find out more: How to unclog a Delta 8 Vape cart.

Sorry, we do not process refunds for not liking the way a blend tastes — or makes you feel.

This is because taste and effects are subjective, unlike vapes or glass tincture bottles/syringes which have a physical component that can break, and be rendered useless.

No worries, relax — we believe you. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes happen 🤷

Just email us at: [email protected]

or call us at: 786-638-9592

We’ll send out a replacement + we will make it up to you! Just contact us and we will remedy the situation ASAP.

If you feel very strongly about some kind of dissatisfaction with your order — please refrain from doing a chargeback!

We’re compassionate and understanding, so if you’re very upset that we didn’t meet your expectations, call us: 786-638-9592-or email us: [email protected]

We promise you’ll leave the conversation happy and satisfied with the solution.

Chargebacks are NOT the answer, and doing so will force us to ban your IP address/shipping info/email from ordering, and or visiting our site ever again.

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